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Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne announced in a press conference on Tuesday that this year’s Ozzfest will be completely free.

"It's free to get in, but we're charging you to get out," the festival's namesake rocker deadpanned after spray-painting the word "Free" on an Ozzfest banner.

"Everybody has been so good to us over the years, and year after year ticket prices get higher and higher and higher," Osbourne's wife and Ozzfest co-founder, Sharon, explained.

"And we just thought we can't keep on raising ticket prices because there is not that much money out there anymore. Hey, kids can go online and download music, why not go to a show for free too? What the heck? Ozzy's got a new record coming out this year, he'll be touring the whole year. There is plenty of time to make money."

So far, only Ozzy as the headliner is confirmed, the rest of the lineup will be announced in the next couple of weeks. None of the bands will be paid but they will take a cut of merchandise sales.

The event will rely on sponsorship to fund it, with Jägermeister confirmed as sponsors at the press conference.

Ozzfest will launch in Los Angeles on July 7. in order to obtain the free tickets, fans must visit the tour's Web site to find links that will direct them to special sponsor sites where tickets can be secured.

"To see the crowd, it's just magic, man, and I love them," Ozzy said. "I'm not one of these rock and rollers that go, 'They are privileged to see me.' I'm privileged to see them. Because without them — this is why we are doing it for free — without them, none of us have got a chance."

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From the powerful nu-metal and great crowd interaction of the Union Underground (who I hadn't heard before but who's Album I'll certainly be buying as soon as it's out) to the triumphant, pyrotechnically charged Black Sabbath climax, the 60,000 crowd went absoloutely wild for every single act, almost all of whom produced performances which definitely merited the receptions. Alright, so the death metal crunching of Raging Speedhorn and the well worn antics of the similar sounding Slipknot didn't exactly float my own personal boat, but every band seemed to have thousands of people there to support them exclusively, and recruited a fair percentage of those with a more casual interest to their cause as well.

Disturbed were my own personal highlight, with the disappointment of the absence of their electric chair stage set being more than compensated by a musical set which seemed to produce of itself as much electricity as any chair could produce. They failed to capture the crowd at large, perhaps, but then playing on the smaller stage, in between the twin behemoths of Slipknot and Black Sabbath they were always facing an uphill task.

My enthusiasm for Amen has been well documented on these pages, and a fine set from them conveyed their usual frenetic energy, if failing to fill such a massive space as effectively as they had commanded the London Astoria stage. Plus I got to meet Casey Chaos afterwards, wandering round the crowd on his own personal "meet and greet", which included signing a guy's ass, several pairs of breasts and my own ticket. Also he told me what he REALLY thought of playing before the JJ72s on the nme tour earlier this year... which I'm sure you could all work out anyway, but amused me a great deal. The phrase "stuck up pricks" was used. if only guitarrist John Tumor had put on his "nu-metal is shit" T-Shirt... that kind of irony would round off ANY day!

The godfather of Nu-Metal Max Caballera collaborated with members of Slayer and Slipknot's Corey Taylor during a typically agressive, if condensed Soulfly appearance, and whilst both suffered from low billing, their reception was equalled by (hed) Planet Earth, who rapped their way through a selection of funky, if hardly spectacularly origanal tunes.

Whilst hugging the front barrier of the smaller "Kerrang!" stage throughout an imprressive performance by Mudvayne, followed by Amen and Disturbed, I missed out on much of a view of what, nevertheless, sounded like a superb set by Tool, whose latest offering "Lateralus" comes with my highest reccomendations. I'm told, however, that frontman Maynard James Keenan performed wearing only swimming trunks, and that the non-musical offerings consisted of a spectacular sequence of light, pyrotechnics and images projected onto the backcloth.

So who was left? Oh yeah... that lot... Black something-or-other. Having recieved tributes from almost every band on the bill, and accolades from many as "their original inspiration" (Union Underground) "the guys who started it all" (Soulfly) and, um "Dad" by Apartment 26's singer Biff Butler(son of Sabbath guitarrist Bill) the aged ones took the stage to rapturous greeting from all. It was truly astonishing to see Korn-hoodied 14 year-olds and mustachioed 50-something bikers alike standing as one to acclaim Ozzy et al as they took the stage to a video compilation of their greatest hits, each of which they duly performed, alongside brand new offering "Scary Dreams". This was clearly a band that could d no wrong, with the presence of half the underbill in the wings to watch as "Paranoid" and "War pigs" proved the highlights, before jets of fire shot out over the crowd and a 10 minute firework display closed the evening.

So the final word was with Ozzy- "we'll be back real soon". To the myriad worshipping hordes, of course, they never went away.

Sandy King

BRILLIANT - they really rocked, best band at Ozzfest 2001, with Slipknot coming a close 2nd. But Disturbed ruled !!!

Absoulutly bloody awesome! who are these punked rocket fuelled guys superbly tight they just rocked and a wicked version of AC/DC's let there be rock to finish.
FANTASTIC.Pure Rubbish i dont think so.

A welcome return for soulfly after an abscence of nearly 7 months from the UK, and what a way to return with a performance at the Ozzfest.

Surprisingly low down the bill on the main stage, Soulfly casually walked on and truely 'fucked shit up'. Opener 'Back to the primitve' was simply blinding, partly because of the sun glaring in all our eyes. The 'fly with its ever-changign line up had to run through their jam-packed set quickly in the feeble 30 minutes they had. classics such as 'Bleed' and 'Eye for an eye' made the crowd go wild and even the old favorite sepultura track 'roots bloody roots' was thumped out.

Then came the special guests.

Appearances from Tom Araya of Slayer and Corey Taylor from Slipknot both contributing to their respective tracks from 'Primitive', made the Soulfly set even more memorable. Soulfy better me sure to come bacl soon and 'bring da shit' on the UK beofre they change their line up again!

Amazing stuff.
Corin Beames

union underground
despite them having only a half hour slot and being the first band on they successfully rocked and produced an amzing moshpit.  thyey were amzing and "turn me on mr dead man" was a favourite amongst the pit!  fucking phatt


Black Fucking Sabbath!!

Well isnt it about time that ozzy brought it home. After there reunion tour in '99 they had to do it again. No ozzfest for 2 years made that look like there was a good chance of this happening. What a fucking amazing day. I mean, what a day to remember for the rest of ur fucking life. Earlier in the day with soulfly doing roots bloody roots and bringing on Tom Araya to do Terror Rise then Corey Taylor to do jumpthafuckup. What an amazing show. Then another calssic came out on stage. What a blinding show by TOOL. Maynard, total props to you my brother. Wicked show. The way that Maynard just came out onstage was amnazing. His stage presence could be felt all the way to the back of the bowl. When 'Sober' and 'Stinkfist' were being performed the aura could be felt in my blood. And 'let it swim'. Truly a blinding show. "You dont mind if we stick around in your country for a little while do yah?" quotes maynard. Fuck no...Stay forever because in all truth, maynard is god. Then We had to put up with shit like slipknot, blah blah blah,,,then the origin of our day. The one and only master of it all. The true OZZY! Well wat a fucking amazing live show with the fire, confetti, and the sparkler grinders. With all that pyrotechnics you cant go wrong, and especiall with those 500,000£ water cannons. Then wen you have all that going on and a classic such as ironman or paranoid get heard. You have a classic moment. Then to finish it all off there was the fireworks. What an amazing moment. Definitly one to remember. Thanks Ozzy! Bring it back again!